About SLiK

SLiK Lighting was founded by Paul Monroe in 2013. We function as High Quality one stop rental shop for Lighting, Grip, Trucks and Crew. It can be frustrating and time-consuming tracking down specialty equipment or hard to find items... let us help! We are partnered with some of the best rental houses in LA to make every project simple.

Awesome Packages

Check out our Equipment List and let us know what Add Ons suit your project.  We provide high quality equipment and service at fair prices.


Paul Monroe is an IATSE Gaffer & Lighting Console Programmer (417.718.3906)

LA Professionals

We work with world class Gaffers, Programmers,  and Key Grips. Let us know how we can help crew your project with industry Professionals.

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Quality Equipment




Professional Crew


Download Our Start Paperwork

Click here to find our start paperwork.  We Require completed paperwork, insurance and payment prior to the rental date.

Professional Experience

Paul Monroe works as a Gaffer and with Professional Cinematographers and Crew. If you haven't hired your lighting crew yet, Paul can recommend a long list of Professionals.

Our Projects

Check out some of the projects SLiK Lighting has lit!

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To discuss how SLiK Lighting can make your next project look fantastic, email or give us a call at (818) 826-3356.